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🤑 1xBet review through the eyes of an avid sports fan

I have been interested in sports for almost twenty years, it fascinates me. I use the offers of bookmakers because it allows me to increase the emotions I feel while watching matches. I love watching matches especially at the weekend, when I sit down with my friends and together we can discuss various topics. Recently, during one of our Saturday meetings we talked about 1xBet bookmaker – I was interested in this topic, because I also bet with the use of mobile application of this company. That’s why I decided to write a review about 1xBet’s possibilities.

What are bookmaking bets for me? For me they are a form of risk taking, a light shot of adrenaline. Betting is a great form of entertainment – you can bet, for example, on the winner of an election, the outcome of a cricket match or how many goals one football team will beat the other. It can also be something much more complicated! Some bookmakers offer accumulator bets or bets on multiple variables – for example, whether a certain player will score a goal, at what minute he will do so, and whether he will receive a yellow card during the match. 1xBet offers a lot of possibilities to choose individual bets based on your own conviction or analysis.

I’ve divided this review of 1xBet into the following parts to make it easier to read the information you’re interested in:

✔️ 1xbet account registration, how long does KYC verification take?

1xbet1 The first topic worth mentioning is the whole account creation process. The whole procedure of creating an account at 1xBet is very smooth, the form is clear and it is almost impossible to make a mistake. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and identity verification using documents (photos in .jpg format) is done in a few minutes. Really, I was shocked when I got a confirmation email from support a few minutes after creating my 1xBet account. You can also verify your account with your passport or international driving licence.

€100 bonus – registration€100 bonus – registration

📞 Contact 1xBet support

Customer support at 1xBet uses several tools to help identify problems occurring on the operator’s servers or on players’ computers. For example, it’s possible to add attachments to chat messages – meaning you can easily send a screenshot of the problem occurring which will make 1xBet fix the problem right away. As problems can vary and depend on the third party (e.g. bank, internet provider), the causes can also vary. If someone reports a problem with a transaction – for example, a deposit to the service or a withdrawal to their bank account, it is not clear whether the error lies with the bookmaker or the payment intermediary. The support team’s task is to investigate the matter and find a solution. As I mentioned – contact with 1xBet support is at a very high level, they inform about problems on a regular basis.

1xBet bookmaker has provided several possible ways of contact for its customers. This shows very well how they treat their players.

The support department can be contacted via:

  • Live chat 1xBet – simply request a live chat with the support department in the app
  • e-mail: info@1xbet.com
  • Whatsapp: 357-955-477-62
  • Telegram messenger: @xBetConsultBot

1xBet’s support department is at our disposal around the clock, but I assure you that the service runs very smoothly and technical problems are even rare.

➕ 1xBet types of bets – What can be bet on 1xBet

1xbet2 1xBet offers players the option to search for events, which makes finding a specific event simple, which is undoubtedly a good thing. The offer can also be browsed using the calendar – division and the possibility to bet depending on the day, week or month in which certain games take place. Customers who are involved in analysing sports events can also check statistics directly on 1xBet’s website. You can check everything from statistics, previous results, line-ups or the current status of specific players (e.g. injury). In conclusion, you will quickly find the events you are interested in, the interface is simple and clear and the statistics will make the analysis process easier.

The offer of the discussed bookmaker is very wide. You can bet on more than 40 different sports – including the most popular ones such as football, volleyball, basketball or hockey. 1xBet’s offer also includes more niche sports such as netball – the game from which today’s basketball was born, but which is still played in a formula from 1890 – 1xBet enables betting on even such matches.

On the website or mobile app, you can also bet on the results of e-sports matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DOTA 2. There are also niche titles available as part of various special actions.

Overall, using 1xBet I have always been satisfied. I never felt like I had nothing to bet on-I had no problem finding an event that interested me.

€100 bonus – registration€100 bonus – registration

🔎 1xbet live betting

1xBet offers its customers a diverse live betting offer. The site provides several hundred live events every day and for almost all sports. The live offers are similar to pre-match betting, but as the match progresses the odds adjust and change in real time – meaning you can easily bet on the outcome during a match where you notice a particular team doing better than you thought.

It is also interesting to note that in the form of 1xBet live bets, we can create accumulated coupons, which increase the multiplier of a possible win. Sometimes you can take advantage of much more attractive odds than in the pre-match offer – I definitely recommend playing live. Personally, I think live betting is much better entertainment than just watching a pre-bet sporting event.

💰 1xbet bonuses and promotions – is it worth it?

1xbet3 The 1xBet welcome bonus at the bookmaker is a special offer for new customers – a gift in the form of free money for the first bet or in the form of a risk-free bet or doubling of the first deposit in exchange for making the first deposit under certain conditions. Bookmakers offer many promotions to attract new players. Let’s take a look at the best welcome bonuses for new 1xBet players.

Currently, those who use the service can take advantage of my favourite kind of promotion which is the doubling of the deposit. The idea is that 1xBet bookmaker will double every first deposit up to €100 (or equivalent in any currency).

The rules are simple:

  • Registration on 1xBet website
  • Fill in your personal details and confirm your account
  • Make a deposit of up to €100 (or equivalent in any currency)
  • The bonus will be awarded automatically

Is it worth it? Absolutely! After all, this is free money that we can use without any risk. It’s not without reason that I found that this type of bonus is one of my favorites.

📱 1xbet mobile application – review

1xbet4 Mobile application is software that runs on smartphones and tablets. Apps are developed using different programming languages and tools, depending on the needs of the user and the device on which the app will run. Mobile apps first appeared in the mid-1990s and gained popularity in the 2000s.

The 1xBet bookmaker’s app is very technologically advanced and its interface is very pleasing to the eye. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

The 1xBet app offers the possibility to bet on the most important sports events in the world regardless of where you are. The designers of the game have made sure that the functionality of the app is in no way inferior to the version available directly on the website.

In summary, 1xBet’s mobile app is distinguished by the following:

  • It is very intuitive, comfortable to use
  • Enables quick registration and identity verification
  • It is rich in interactive elements that make the whole design look great.
  • Gives the possibility to set up notifications regarding the results of sporting events.

€100 bonus – registration€100 bonus – registration

🎲 1xBet Casino

1xbet6 Casino is an institution whose main purpose is gambling. Casinos are found all over the world, and they host a wide variety of games of chance using machines or gaming tables. Over the years, this definition may be taken more loosely – so let’s consider it any place where you can play games of chance. 1xBet makes it possible to turn your living room into a professional online casino. The gambling offer is as good as the bookmaker’s. You can choose from games from many manufacturers while I am a fan of classic blackjack – 1xBet casino offers a game with a very nice, classic look.

💳 1xbet deposits and withdrawals

1xbet5 Bookmaker 1xBet offers its customers many ways to deposit – there are over thirty in total. The location of the player is of great importance here, as not all deposit methods are available worldwide. The most popular deposit method is using a bank card – Visa, Mastercard. This method guarantees immediate deposit.

💸 Withdrawing funds at 1xBet

I’ve included the withdrawal details in the table below – the information comes from the 1xBet bookmaker’s website. I personally used the card withdrawal option and I recommend this option the most, the funds were in my account in just 25 minutes after the withdrawal was accepted by the system.

Summary of 1xBet deposit and withdrawal methods
Payment provider Deposit Withdrawal Transfer methods
Card: Mastercard/Visa yes yes 0-24 hours
Qіwі Pay (RU) yes yes 0-24 gоdzіn
Przеlеwy24 (PL) yes yes 0-24 gоdzіn
Skrіll yes yes 1-3 days
еcоPаyz yes yes 0-24 gоdzіn
Pеrfеct Mоnеy yes yes 0-24 gоdzіn
Electronic banking yes yes operator dependent

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First deposit bonus €100